A Word from the Producer


In the summer of 2007, Nicolas and Alexis came to Productions du Rapide-Blanc with an interesting idea for a film. They were going to paddle 200km upstream on rivers and reservoirs, in search of the Romaine River’s source. Once found, they would canoe 500km south, the full length of the river and exit at its mouth in the St. Lawrence. Their impetus was the environmental impact study that Hydro-Québec had released in conjunction with their impending 4-dam hydroelectric project on the Romaine river.

After descending the river, Nicolas and Alexis’ explained, they would investigate various green energies in comparison to what we were doing with large hydro plants.  Essentially, they wondered Could we be creating energy differently in Quebec?

From the project’s inception, our goal was to offer solutions, not just criticize. We wanted the film to document the Romaine’s ecosystem and explore the financial viability of green energies in Quebec. We wanted the film to offer the public information and a view they rarely hear, supported with solid facts and in an entertaining way.

Our goal was to produce a film that would contribute to and encourage others to get involved in a healthy debate about the future of energy production in the province of Quebec.

Hydro-Québec’s point of view is presented through the various documents we consulted and cite throughout the film, but it is important to note that Hydro-Québec refused all our requests to be interviewed. We wrote, we called (repeatedly), we even approached them in person during the BAPE (Bureau d’Audiences Publique sur l’Environnement)  public hearings in Havre-Saint-Pierre. Nothing. Instead of engaging with us about their Romaine project, they remained silent.

Now that the film is generating publicity, they have issued press releases that skirt the facts of the film.  We address every one of their points here.


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